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Treats Brownies


Q: How much does a Treats franchise cost?

A: Because costs vary depending on location and circumstances, exact numbers are difficult to determine. Treats will provide a projected construction and equipment budget.

Q: Where do I obtain financing?

A: Assistance in obtaining financing is coordinated with regional offices throughout Canada. Franchisees are introduced to location baking contacts or financial brokers, assisted by marketing information on the prospective franchise location and other pertinent franchise data. Of course, every prospective transaction stands on its own merit.

Q: What are the requirements for obtaining a Treats franchise?

A: In order to obtain a Treats franchise, a personal interview, initiative, financial stability and ambition are all required. As with any retail venture, your ability to provide “hands-on” management will prove to be an integral part of your qualifications. After the initial approval of your application, reviews are conducted, both of your credit history and operational background in similar retail and/or working environments. Arrangements are made for a one-on-one interview with one of our regional managers or directors. After the information has been compiled, it is submitted for final approval to Treats’ Head Office.

Q: How do I learn to operate a Treats franchise?

A: Previous experience in the bakery field is not necessary, but management capability is a prerequisite for any retail venture. You will be required to attend a two week Treats training course, which will take place at a designated Treats training store. The training course covers all aspects of operation, administration and management. During your training program you will actively participate in all aspects of operating and managing a Treats franchise. An important component of your instruction is our Confidential Operations Manuals. They will provide you with an ongoing source of practical assistance on operations and management procedures long after completion of the formal training program. Please note that you are responsible for all travel and accommodation expenses associated with your training.

Q: What does the franchise fee cover?

A: Your initial franchise fee covers the expense of establishing your own business. Our plan allows you to enjoy all the advantages of being part of an international chain. Our considerable experience and established track record in the real estate field enables us to secure the best possible locations. Treats handles the complete design, construction and equipping of your Treats store as part of our Turnkey Franchise package. Our experienced Operations Department will also assist you in preparing your franchise for opening. Our operations managers will provide training and assistance for you and your staff at the initial opening of your franchise.

Q: What services does the ongoing royalty cover?

A: Royalties are based on a percentage of gross sales and entitle you to continue to be part of the Treats system. As well, ongoing royalty benefits franchisees with the following services:

  • Training and management assistance
  • Operations expertise and network support
  • Vendor selection
  • Volume buying agreements
  • Profit and loss statement analysis
  • Research of new products
  • Merchandising programs
  • Ongoing operations and local store marketing support

Q: Where do I purchase my supplies?

A: Treats distributors across North America are carefully selected. Any products you require will be delivered to you by Treats -approved local dry mix, coffee, beverage and packaging suppliers in direct accordance with that manufacturer or distributor’s pricing policy. Our association with some of the world’s largest ingredients manufacturers guarantees that all stores receive only the highest quality materials. Franchisees are responsible for the payment of all supplies they purchase. Please note that all Treats cookie, muffin and other assorted mixes used in the baking of Treats products, along with some of our coffee blends are proprietary to Treats and so are privately labeled.

Q: What if I decide to sell my store after a period of time?

A: Your Treats store is your business. If you decide to sell you may do so to a prospective buyer who can meet our requirements for franchisees and who agrees to comply with all procedures then in force. However, please note that there is a transfer fee involved.

Q: Can I own more than one Treats franchise?

A: Because Treats believes that “hands-on” management is one of the essential ingredients of a successful business, we will usually only approve the purchase of one Treats franchise per prospective franchisee. However, should you prove to be an exceptional franchise owner we will gladly speak with you about your opportunities for expansion.

Q: Is Treats a seasonal business?

A: No. The specialties featured at Treats stores are equally marketable and enjoyable regardless of season. However, regional and seasonal product variations may be introduced for the purpose of enhancing our standard product line.

Q: Will I follow standardized operating procedures?

A: Yes. You will find the procedures are simple but very efficient. Our unique system for such diversified areas as daily reporting, accounting practices, purchasing, training new staff, cost control and other essential functions will all contribute to the efficient operation of your Treats franchise.

Q: What are the benefits of a national advertising fund?

A: Your contribution to the Treats Advertising Fund helps both you as an individual franchisee and the chain as a whole. Your franchise agreement will provide you with specific information on Advertising Fund contributions. On a national level, Treats marketing and advertising uses point-of-purchase promotions. Treats is committed to increasing market awareness and name recognition of the Treats trademark.

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