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Treats Cookies


Treats was founded in 1977 as a single location selling specialty chocolates and other sweets in Yorkville, Toronto. Enthusiastic about their venture, the founders expanded their shop concept; and in 1979, the first Treats restaurant was born.

In the early 80s Treats evolved as a bakery, using quality ingredients to provide fresh products each morning. Treats stores grew in number and popularity. Within a few years numerous locations opened, delivering across the country.

Later as the “Coffee Bar” concept was introduced customers were invited to choose from a variety of premium and flavoured coffees, which they dressed to their personal tastes.

The next evolution of Treats was offering lunches – sandwiches, soups and salads were introduced, and new recipes continue to complement the balanced menu. To this day all meals are still prepared on-site with fresh ingredients and Treats’ homemade goodness.

Today we maintain our position as an industry leader in Canada. With over 30 years experience and more than 10 million customers each year, we know you appreciate the Treats difference, and we strive to earn your continued patronage with an ongoing commitment to quality, friendly service and always meeting your needs.

Nobody Treats You Better!